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Monday, July 23rd 2012

1:29 PM

Sexy preteen 10yo


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From: Rob Hoek
Subject: Dave Does Robby (1) His slender young body trembling like a dog passing a peach seed,
Fifteen year old Robby stared down over his bare torso, incredulous at the
sight of the man sized hand that eagerly groped the crotch of his swim
trunks, the strong fingers firmly squeezing the rigid shaft of his very
erect penis, while the other hand gently manipulated his aching balls
through the still slightly damp material of his trunks. He managed to force
his wide-eyed gaze from the molesting hands, and he shifted his eyes,
making contact with the man's wickedly grinning face, and, as if in an echo
chamber of some sort, he saw the man's mouth forming the words that his
ears perceived as if coming from some great distance away, as he said, "Oh hell yes, Son...damn, I preteen dating
just knew you were packing...Jesus...what a
sweet cock and balls you got...I'm gonna take really good care of this
sweet package of yours boy, believe me!" Robby's eyes darted about the room, his young body awash in the amazing
sensations the groping hand was awakening in his virgin body, and he was
torn between his horrendous desire for the stunning contact to continue,
and his terror that his friend Eric would return from his trip to the
bathroom, and find him like this, willingly standing before the seated
older man, and allowing him to grope his throbbing boyhood this way. Before
his feverish mind could fully process the likely outcome of Eric finding
him in this position, his eyes caught the flash of bright light that washed
into the darkened hallway, as Eric opened the bathroom door, preparing to
return to the living room where he stood frozen in front of the man,
savoring the abundance of pleasure filled sexy preteen ballerinas
feelings that flooded his
senses. Literally tearing himself away from the man's exploring hands, he
quickly whirled, and all but threw himself facedown onto the sofa opposite
the man's big easy chair, as he struggled mightily for some degree of
relaxed decorum, all the while thrusting his turgid erection against the
firm cushion beneath him. Turning his face toward the man, he saw him
calmly reach to the table beside him, and pick up his drink, moving it to
his mouth for a sip, as Eric entered the room, and stopped, his head moving
between Robby, and the smiling man a couple of times, as if
puzzled. Finally looking at the man, he asked, preteen lsm bbs
"What...?...did I miss something...?" Robby groaned softly, turning his face against the cushion, as he willed
himself to stop grinding his pulsing erection into the cushion, and he
heard the man's deep voice reply to the question, a soft chuckle
surrounding the answer, as he nude preteen suck
said, "Not really...just goofy Robby here has been entertaining me with his
abundant repertoire of silly expressions, you know how he gets after his
second beer...I really should stop letting you boy's drink when you're over
here...it's going to get my ass in a sling one of these days." Eric nodded his head absently, the puzzled expression still painted on
his face, as he moved over to the sofa, sitting down on the nearby coffee
table, as he placed a hand preteen pics galleries
on Robby's bare back, and asked, "Dude...you okay...?...feeling a little tipsy, are we...?" The contact between Eric's hand and the searing skin of his back nearly
caused Robby to jump out of his skin, and he let out another little moaning
sound, as his slim hips reflexively flexed, as he again drove his nymphette preteen x hard
penis into the softness of the sofa, before managing to mutter a muffled
reply, as he answered, "Uh hum...guess maybe so...a little bit..." "Well shit, dude...come on...gut it up...I gotta get going or I'm going
to be late for practice, and no way am I doing laps for a pissed off coach
just because you decided to get half blotto on me...come on lamo...move
your little ass...go wash your face, or something, whatever...cause if I'm
gonna drop your sorry ass at home, we gotta go...like, now!" While a bit usual for the typical high school boy relationship, Eric and
Robby had over the course of the school year become fast friends, in spite
of the nearly two year age difference between them. While Robby was a
sophomore at fifteen, Eric was a senior, and rapidly closing on his
eighteenth birthday, and thus able to drive his own car, and haul his buddy
from place to russians preteens
place, including their frequent visits to this very house,
where the boy's frequently availed themselves of preteen lsm bbs Dave's hospitality, which
included the use of his spectacular swimming pool, and his always very cold
beer, or on occasion, even stronger spirits. Dave was an old college
roommate of Eric's fathers, almost like a distant Uncle to Eric, and even
though he was now forty-two years of age, the openly gay perennial bachelor
considered himself a bit of latino preteen xxx
a free-spirit, and as such, saw nothing wrong
in allowing the two teens a taste of alcohol time to time, under the proper
circumstances. Lesser known among Dave's affinities was his deeply rooted,
and tightly controlled lust for younger boys, a beast of the darkness that
he always managed to keep at bay, until Robby, when it had finally proven
to be too much to resist, resulting in the recent groping incident that
Dave now very much intended to pursue at the earliest opportunity. The boy
had not recoiled in horror, or even resisted, he reasoned, and that
reaction was very definitely worthy of further exploration, the way Dave
saw it. Responding to Eric's urgency, Dave sat straighter in his chair, and
addressed Eric, suggesting, his voice the very measure of concern, and
reasonableness, as he said, "It actually may not be the best idea to take Robby home just yet,
Eric...he could apparently use a little more time to sober up, and I really
don't want any trouble with his folks if they happen to find him this
way...tell you what...you go on ahead to your practice, and I'll drive
Robby home in a while, when he's feeling more like himself." Hearing this caused Robby's still throbbing young penis to throb yet
again, his mind quickly registering the fact that he and Dave might well be
left alone together, and the chills that he had felt as Dave's hands had
fondled him coursed along his spine, causing him to shudder strongly, and
again moan into the sofa cushion. Eric gave the suggestion a minute to sink
in, then, consulted his watch, a mild feeling of panic setting in as he
realized that if he were to make practice on time, he really needed to get
going, and right now. He gave Robby's firm little butt cheek as sharp slap,
and then stood, as he looked over at Dave, and preteen naturists sex nodded, before reaching out
for a high-five, as he replied, "Ok then, cools...and thanks Dave, for looking after my lamo bud
here...and, for saving me a ton of "late-laps" too." Dave smiled warmly, returning Eric's offered hand slap, as he replied, "Not a problem, dude...drying him out will save my sorry ass too, so
it's like a win-win deal all around...see you later...drive safe!" With that, Eric hurried out the door, and when Dave heard his car start,
and pull away from the curb, picked up his vodka and tonic, and drained the
glass, then said quietly, "Robby...buddy...come back over here." Robby felt the hammering of his rapid pulse in his rigid penis, and the
lingering dull ache deep in his balls, as he turned his head toward Dave,
and blinked several times, finally focusing on Dave's outstretched arm, and
the wide hand at the end of it with fingers splayed, and flexing, as he
mimed the earlier groping action that he had deployed on the boy's excited
genitals, and the suggestion caused him to groan deeply. A childhood's
worth of oft repeated admonishments to not ever allow touching in his
intimate areas echoed through Robby's mind, the words of his parents, and
various teachers and clergy waging a losing argument with his burning
desire to once more feel the amazing sensations that Dave's earlier groping
of him had wrought, and after not more than preteen nude hard a few seconds of hesitation,
Robby pushed himself up, and moved across preteen nude family the short distance that separated
him from Dave's chair, stopping directly in front of the seated man, as he
shivered in anticipation, his trembling arms falling to his sides, as he
carefully watched the man's eyes settle on the very obvious protrusion that
poked severely at the front of his swim trunks. "Good boy, Robby...good boy...now, just try to relax, and breath slowly,
and just enjoy...just let this happen, Son...we both want preteen jap pussy it, and no one
will ever be the wiser...just our little secret pleasure, okay...?" Robby sucked in a sharp breath, and it caught in his throat, as the
nerve centers in his groin suddenly exploded to life, as Dave's big hand
once more firmly closed over preteen girls webcams his pulsing package, and kneaded it gently, as
his other hand once more preteen schoolgirl upskirt captured his dangling ball sac, and carefully
manipulated his tender nuggets. Reflexively, Robby's trembling legs
parted, spreading as if in invitation to the man's explorations, and the
move was not lost on Dave, who smiled, savoring the pulsing thickness of
the young erection that glided through his stroking hand, and his smile
widened, as he sensed the boy trembling, and heard his muttered, "Ohhh jeez....gosh...that feels...SO GOOD...!" Dave continued to fondle the boy's rampant penis and balls for several
more minutes, his one hand alternating between gently tugging the ample
balls that dangled below the rock hard young penis, and rubbing his palm
over the boy's satin smooth chest, and stiff little nipples, before
dropping lower to lightly trail across the soft little tummy, his fingers
tracing the faint best preteen websites line of his scant treasure trail, all of which coaxed a
steady cadence of soft moans from the trembling Robby, who was modeling and preteen noisily
panting with pleasure, and excitement. His own excitement mounting rapidly,
Dave was suddenly adamant to have the stunning teen fully naked, and at his
pleasure, and he released his grip on the surprisingly thick penis, and
moved his fingers to the waist band of Robby's trunks, as tiny tgp preteen
he looked up into
the boy's very flushed face, and said quietly, "Let's let this bad boy out now, Son...can't wait to see how beautiful
your big cock is...touch it...God Robby...you're so damned hot, I can't
even believe this...raise your arms up, buddy...put your hands on your head
for me...that's a good boy...now...let old Dave turn this beauty loose...!" Robby was all but gasping, his breath shallow, and rapid, and he felt as
is his knees might actually buckle under him, as Dave slowly tugged
downward on his swim trunks, his sparse growth of brown pubes emerging
above the elastic, as Dave tugged it outward so as to not snare his
throbbing erection in the cloth. Once past the boy's hard cock, Dave yanked
the small garment down his smooth legs, and let it puddle at his ankles, as
he sat back slightly, and savored the sight of the thick young cock that
bobbed before his face, and the plump pouch of heavy balls that dangled
below. The clean, fresh scent of youth was intoxicating, and Dave all but
swooned, as he inhaled a deep breath, and moved a trembling hand forward,
and closed it around the hard, hot shaft of Robby's pulsing cock, and
stroked it slowly up and down. Robby shuddered, the air escaping his lungs
with a loud preteen schoolgirl upskirt whooshing sound, and he wavered slightly, his head spinning
with nude preteen suck sensory overload as Dave expertly manipulated his previously untouched
penis, and gently jostled his taut ball sac. "OHhh boy.....ohhh....wow...!" chirped Robby, his voice climbing an
octave or two, as his lithe young body shudder strongly. "Oh boy is right...Goddamned boy...what an absolutely sculpted
cock...heavy balls...Jesus Robby...you are too fucking perfect!" croaked
Dave, his mouth flooding with saliva as he watched a tiny pearl of clear
fluid ooze from the tiny slit at the center of the wide, and neatly
circumcised head of the rampant young cock. Pulling his head back further still, Dave let his hungry eyes traverse
over the now fully naked teen, and his hear threatened to explode in his
chest, as he relished the abject perfection of youth in all it's abundant
glory, and he inhaled deeply again, once more salivating as the fresh scent
of the boys overwhelmed his senses. The upper torso was smooth as glass,
hairless save for the faintest trail of light colored hair running from
just below his tiny navel to lose itself among the neat little nest of
brown pubic hair that coated the boy's creamy white groin, and the contrast
of his tan lines was totally stunning. His tanned thighs were well tones,
and also hairless, and gave way to smooth knee caps, and well developed
calves that ended in trim ankles, and perfectly formed feet. Redirecting
his attention to the stunning boy's core, Dave licked his lips, his hand
still steadily gliding back and forth over the silky smooth stalk, and he
leaned closer then, and extended his tongue, then, swiped it over the
bulbious head several times, as Robby gasped loudly, and rocked up onto his
toes. Dave tasted the slightly tart tasting fluid that was steadily flowing
from the tiny slit in the dark cock head, and then closed his lips around
the crown of it, applying suction, as his tongue tip teased at the oozing
slit, and Robby shuddered strongly, his hands moving to grip Dave's
temples, as his legs separated widely, and he adjusted his balance. Sensing
the boy's rapidly mounting excitement, Dave opened his mouth slightly
wider, and moved his head forward, steadily capturing the entire length of
the boy's thick cock inside his mouth, taking in deeper, until his nose was
firmly planted in the small, dark nest of silky pubes. He paused the,
letting his tongue work along the pulsing veins that ran along the
underside of the tasty young cock, and he slowly withdrew then, moving to
encircle the wide base between finger and thumb, as he once more engulfed
the steely hard pole into his drooling mouth. Back and forth he went,
applying every skill atalian preteen models in his cock sucking arsenal, while his free hand
roamed over the satin smooth inner thighs, and teased at the plump and
gently swinging scrotum, his fingers gently probing the full balls, as
Robby photographie preteen emitted a preteen schoolgirl upskirt
steady series of grunts, and groans, his senses reeling in
complete and total pleasure, a pleasure far more incredible than he had
ever imagined. And, as all too common with first time experiences, Robby's scorched
senses all too soon proved overwhelming, and his young and very pent up
balls reached their boiling point, as he let candid camera preteens
his shaking knees bend
slightly, as his home preteen bbs small hips bucked forward, and his hands clamped tightly
on Dave's bobbing head, as he released a loud and long kind of a wail, and
his cock bucked strongly in Dave's sucking mouth, and then erupted, his
thick and creamy boy batter spraying wildly into Dave's mouth, as he
rapidly gulped the creamy nectar so as to allow room for the immediately
following ejaculate, again and again, until the trembling and whimpering
boy was spent, and exhausted, as he literally folded, his lithe and
sweating body dropping slowly toward the floor, as Dave quickly wrapped him
in his arms, and eased him onto his lap, as he leaned back in his big
chair, holding a gasping Robby, while he moved his tongue through his mouth
to savor the lingering sweetness of the copious delivery of creamy young
semen.(To Be Continued)
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Monday, July 23rd 2012

12:00 AM

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